SUITS: The Kingdom of Law (2011-Present/TV Series/US)

Suits TV SeriesNo one does not know about the fact of how great people graduating from Harvard University is. This is the US series that is highly recommended for you who particularly like law and drama. It tells a story about one of the biggest law firms in New York City named Pearson Hardman that hires lawyers graduating only from Harvard University. Unfortunately, due to an unexpected accident, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) who is precisely genetically intelligent and brainy, accidentally run into a room in a hotel where it was held a hiring new associate for the great and best senior partner lawyer in Pearson Hardman named Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). Harvey who really hoped to find a new associate resembling himself finally knew right at that time when they were already in the room that not only Mike was not a graduate from Harvard, but also he never even went to a law school at all. Yet, because Mike really needed a job, he then tried to convince Harvey to hire him and Mike said “What if I told you that I consume knowledge like no one you’ve ever met and I’ve actually passed the bar?” Harvey did not buy any word of what Mike was trying to convince him till he really did test Mike’s knowledge about law. Harvey read one paragraph in a law book and before he had finished reading aloud all the paragraph, Mike cut him in the middle by continuing the rests of the paragraph without even missing a single word. Precisely imitating all the words in the book. Harvey was surprised and he asked “How can you know all that?” and Mike said “I told you. I like to read.  And once I read something, I understand it. And once I understand it, I never forget it.” Because of Mike’s impeccable first impression left Harvey no choice, Harvey then decided to commit a very big mistake by hiring a fraud.

Afterwards, besides the thrilling story of how Mike Ross hides his being fraud, what is more interesting in this series is that you guys are gonna find many sarcasms that are very witty and fun at the same time. And if you are afraid that this series will be boring, trust me you WILL NOT, cause it also involves a thrilling romance about Mike falling in love with the best paralegal in Pearson Hardman named Rachel Zane (Megan Markle). And believe me, for guys who watch this series, you are so gonna fall in love with Rachel ‘cause daaamn geeuz! She IS friggin’ hot and smart. Not to mention, such a MILF!

Every episode of this series tends to serve different case, but later on in the next season (season 02 and 03) some previous cases are connected to each other. So, you better pay attention on the case too. Overall, I’d like to say again that SUITS is a good series that you better not miss it. You must wanna know how Mike Ross can accidentally run into Harvey’s hiring a new associate interview at the very first time and how he can still not be found being a fraud till Season 03, don’t you?

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