TEEN WOLF: Beacon Hills “creature(s)” (2011-Present/TV Series/US)

Teen WolfIf you try translating the title of this series, it might sound reaaally cheesy and corny. Like seriously, “Serigala Remaja”? Duh. But, hang on, guys!

This US series is set in a city named Beacon Hills where (of course) there are werewolves, humans, hunters and many other supernatural creatures. It’s actually been 3 seasons, and about to be on Season 04 this June/July. So it tells a story about a not-so-that-popular SHS student named Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) who one night was bitten by an alpha werewolf. Scott whose best friend is Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) firstly did believe that werewolf was only a myth, but then seeing Scott’s differences: getting popular because he got really good at playing Lacrosse, getting faster move, getting angry easily, suddenly started looking up for the myth of werewolves. Everything Stiles got about the myth, he then started to believe that werewolves still existed and Scott was one of them.

Scott who finally knew the fact that he had been already a werewolf, at first got angry to Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlien) who was blamed for giving the bite to him, whereas, it’s not Derek Hale giving the bite to Scott. In fact, Derek was the one trying to help Scott. Though, at the end, it turned out that Derek was trying to get his own pack, cause he knew that A BIG DANGER was coming to Beacon Hills and it threatened not only his life but also Scott’s and his friends.

The first season is indeed cheesy, and all the casts still look sooo teenage. But, at the end of Season 01 and then Season 02, this series is just getting more captivating. Since the first season only spills the story of how Scott can become a werewolf, and then Scott’s romance with Allison (Crystal Reed) whose father is a werewolf-hunter, so frankly saying, it’s not really that thrilling yet tho. Ergo, I’d like to give a wee bit of spoiling that the thrill has just begun in Season 02. The more thrilling will be in Season 03, and after that, I’d wager, you’ll get addicted to this series. FYI, I’ve heard this series has one of the hugest fans clubs (almost) all over the world. Even, till, there’s exclusive after-watch TV show: Wolf Watch, now.

So, lemme’ tell you reasons why this series is recommended:

  1. You’ll learn lots of myths about Kanima, Darach, Kitsune/Nogitsune. (Oops, don’t you know what are they? That’s why you better watch it).

  2. For girls, this series will open your eyes without a blink, cause ABS AND ALL, Gurls! So far, Season 1-3: more pretty-hottie-steamy boys.

  3. Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) will really attract you cause he’s the only character who always gets more sarcasms. He’s so charming yet witty and captivating at the same time (till Season 03 B, he’ll change).

  4. This be my last reason: all sarcasms, witticisms, romance, thrilling actions, ALL IN ONE!

Teen WolfThere were some of my friends who firstly teased me cause I really fave this series. They thought it was sooo cheesy and corny for adults like us. And yet, months later, I found they also watched it and now they love it and still keep watching till now. They admitted that Season 01, it hadn’t been really that good, but afterwards, it just got more bad-ass-ly awesome!

“Remember to watch your back, cause you never know what creatures are lurking out there in the dark!(Fave tagline from Wolf Watch).

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