The Tomorrow People: The Evolution of Jumper (2013-Present/TV Series/US)

The Tomorrow People

If you’ve ever watched “Jumper” and you love it, you must have also liked this US series. This series is like the adapted evolution of Jumper. Like Jumper, The Tomorrow People are basically humans but who have superpower The Three T: Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Teleportation. They call themselves “The Tomorrow People”. The only thing that is weak from them is that they cannot kill. If they do, they’ll die. Though they’re humans too, normal humans consider them as a threat due to their superpower. And ergo, there’s an organization called ULTRA whose job is to catch a breakout: The Tomorrow People, and inject them with a serum that can change them into normal humans. Somehow the ULTRA itself is run by the founder (Simon Merrells) who is naturally The Tomorrow People too and ordered under the founder’s right-hand named Jedekiah (Mark Pellegrino). Jedikiah is just a normal human who has no superpower.

Stephen (Robbie Amell), as The Tomorrow People, whose father is noticed to be dead happened to just know that his father is not dead yet, but he is in a limbo and the only way to get to his Dad is by working for the enemy. Whilst, the enemy is his own uncle Jedikiah who is just a normal human. Yet, The Tomorrow People actually are not only up against Jedikiah but also the ULTRA’s Founder who happens to be The Tomorrow People too. In other words, Stephen works as a double agent. He pretends to be working for the ULTRA but then he also helps his people not to be caught and find the Refuge that can be granted only by the presence of Roger (Jeffrey Pierce), Stephen’s Father. And yet, the question remains: “Does the Refuge really exist?”

The Tomorrow People

Pretty good to watch cause I think this series is easy-digested and kinda entertaining. A little sarcasms though, and combined with some romance which is sort of like a triangle love. Besides, the conflict is not really complicated since the main rivalry is the ULTRA that includes the founder and Jedekiah as well.

Oh, by the way, John (Luke Mitchell) as one of the main leaders of The Tomorrow People is pretty charming. So, yeah, I think, girls watching this are gonna get glued to him.

So, if you are curious so much so that you wanna find out what’ll happen next, what is the Refuge, what is Limbo, and how Stephen’s father can still be alive, also how The Tomorrow People are up against the strong Founder and Jedekiah, I think you just better watch it thou this series has just been stopped only til the end of Season 01. The rumor says that the CW does not want to continue it and they’re also afraid if this series will follow alike with Heroes, so I heard.

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