ARROW: From Comic to Series (2012-Present/TV Series/US)

ArrowI don’t actually happen to read the comic version, yet fresh from the flesh, this series is good. Unlike other superheroes series, this one’s mojo power is only the arrow and the bow. Quite like Robin Hood, eh? Precisely, that’s why this series is named ARROW.

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) who’s considered already dead apparently comes back to Starling City and indebted to his father’s death whose life was sacrificed for his’ sake. He comes back to Starling City by juggling into two worlds: his normal life and his superhero life. He takes down bad people into justice. Unfortunately, the police considers him, the vigilante or the hood (as how the police and society call the arrow) breaking the law.

What makes this series not boring is that it has many enemies. So, almost every episode, the enemies change and some other heroes come. Besides, like many other drama series usually have, it involves a triangle love between Oliver, Laurel (Katie Cassidy), and Sara (Caity Lotz) (Laurel’s ‘lil sister).

FYI, ARROW has mixed plot in which it plays some flashbacks and the current stories. Hence, you need to focus and connect the dots from both stories. However, this series is light and not that kind of a heavy one to digest like Sherlock or Da Vinci’s Demons. Even if you use no subtitle at all, the vocabs/dictions are still considered easy-average level. Truth be told, the thrill is gonna just begin in the mid of Season 02, ‘cause “The Big Enemy” from the past haunts.

All in all, nice to watch! Entertaining enough especially for those of you who follow reading its entire comic and love superheroes story. I really am not gonna spoil it, but if you’re anxious to what other people are gonna spoil it to you, then better hurry watch it yourself, then you’ll find out why Oliver has to be the Arrow and why his father died also who’s Oliver biggest enemy in Season 02.

3 thoughts on “ARROW: From Comic to Series (2012-Present/TV Series/US)

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  2. I just began to watch the series, thank you so much for the review, though I don’t understand English that much.


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