TRUE DETECTIVE: Sherlock’s Doppelganger? (2014/US)

True DetectiveAnother brilliant US series talking about a horrific-satanic murder case has just aired this year 2014. The first season has just completed. Like Sherlock, the story is also mainly characterized by two detectives in partner, well if in Sherlock we’ve got Sherlock and Dr. John Watson, then here in True Detective we’ve got Detective Cohle Rust (Matthew McConaughey) and Detective Marty (Woody Harrelson) whose job is to solve a murder case. A murder case which serves a woman’s dead body surrounded by some kind of satanic stuff or rituals, one of those is called Corcosa: such a small wood triangle believed as something related to satanic ritual. The woman’s dead body belongs to Dora Lange. The case goes on for like years due to its hard-to-find-the-killer.

True DetectiveFrankly saying, you might found this series a little bit more boring than Sherlock. Unlike Sherlock, True Detective only provides one case during a season and it also portrays more real stories, but still, this series provides brilliance just like Sherlock (in another kind of brilliance thou), particularly at the plotting that mixes the recent stories, flashbacks, and continues to the recent stories again. Not to mention, when you watch this series you who like philosophical things are gonna love how Detective Rust’s mind speaks about philosophy. Besides, how at the end Detective Rust acts on his own by only trusting his gut with the help of his partner will amaze your mind. Moreover, despite its boredom in the mid of the story, you will still love it cause you’ll get more curious at how the case is gonna be solved. It’s kinda unpredictable about who the killer is.

This one series is quite dramatic somehow, since it involves a lot of family, love, and friendship issues as well. Nevertheless, if you like a thrilling-drama one, you’ll like this series, and I assume you won’t wanna miss this. And by the way, the one becoming Detective Rust is the main actor of Dallas movie which got Oscar win last year (2013). His acting’s charming. He’s got even more charming when he is solving the case.

After all, I’d say if you like Sherlock, then you might not wanna miss this one as well.

If you like True Detective’s parody, you better watch this hilarious videos below;

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