THE ORIGINALS: Always and Forever are Overrated! (2013-Present/TV Series/US)

The OriginalsThose of you who like and follow watching The Vampire Diaries (at least till Season 03) will know precisely the more details of this US series, The Originals. So, this is actually the spin-off of TVD. However, if you don’t follow or even never watch TVD, don’t worry, cause this story grows by itself, it’s not quite the continuance of TVD tho.

The first vampires who can hardly be killed, The Originals family known as Elijah (Daniel Gilies), Klaus (Joseph Morgan), and Rebekah (Claire Holt) has come back to French Quarter, New Orleans. Klaus has come to take back his own kingdom which he built years ago, and yet now, it’s fallen into Marcel’s reign. The ordinary vampire Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) who used to be very close to Klaus now becomes the enemy. They throw war at each other. Somehow, the big problem for The Originals family is not just Marcel, but also Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) who is carrying Klaus’ unborn child due to the one-night-stand they had once back then (it’s told in TVD story).

At first, Klaus doesn’t wanna accept the baby; instead, he wants to kill it. In spite of his cold-diabolical-heart, eventually the noblest one of The Originals, Elijah could persuade him to keep, to protect and to fight for the baby. Meanwhile, the witches of the French Quarter know about the unborn baby and they don’t like it to happen. They envision the baby carrying a big jeopardizing threat to them, as they know that Klaus is an immortal hybrid of The Originals vampire. The witches are aware of the big power and strength owned by Klaus and that makes them worry about the harm of the Klaus’ child against the witches. Hence, the witches are willing to take whatever it takes to annihilate the child.

Above all, even The Originals family who always believes in always and forever for family at the end, they also stab on each other’s back. Moreover, in spite of all those diabolical wars among vampires, witches, and werewolves, it also includes the forbidden love between Marcel and Rebekah, the inexplicable love between Hayley and Elijah, as well as the unknown feeling-something between Klaus and the human Camille (Leah Pipes).

Apparently, this TVD spin-off, The Originals is more interesting and thrilling. It’s good to watch since the problems lie in this story are more complex and somehow still connecting vampires, werewolves and witches. I actually really love the script, cause the dictions of the dialogues are mostly rare used. Ergo, i think, watching this, you can also learn some or more new vocabularies and expressions. Besides, the main issue about family being always and forever in this story teaches how not to be so even trusting to our own blood, since they can also betray us.

All in all, will the child be born or killed? Can Klaus gain his people’s trust and his Kingdom back from Marcel? How are the fate of the witches, werewolves, and other vampires of the French Quarter at the end of the day? You’ll never find out till you keep watching it.

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