DA VINCI’S DEMONS: The Magnificent Artista Seeking for the Book of Leaves (2013-Present/TV Series/US)

Da Vinci DemonsThe big main story of the first season tells about the Book of Leaves and the Secret Archives. Leonardo Da Vinci (Tom Riley) as truly known as genius is also characterized in this story as a maestro artista who is very brilliant and his creations are just magnificent. The eccentric genius Leonardo Da Vinci always has unruly imagination and visions. Most of the times, he used to have visions about his Mother who had left him since child. The bizarre thing is, he can see and remember every vision vividly even in passing, but when it comes to his Mother, all he sees is a void. All the riddles of visions he has, once have enlightened him. He once met with someone, a Turk, and the Turk said that Fate had chosen Leo as the son of Mithras whose quest is to find and to obtain the Book of Leaves. On the other side, the Curator of the Secret Archives, Lupo Mercuri (Nick Dunning), along with his trusted right hand named Riario (Blake Ritson), is also searching for the Book of Leaves. Unfortunately, beside Leonardo, Riario (Blake Ritson) is also looking for the Book of Leaves. They both compete to get it.

On the other side, despite the mission on finding the Book of Leaves, Florence as on the Medici and Leonardo’s side, and Rome as on Lupo Mercuri (Nick Dunning) and Riario’s side, they’re against each other. Rome wants to rule and take Florence as theirs, then kill the Medicis along with their loyalists.

In the middle of his search, Leo has apparently fallen in love with Lucrezia Donati (Laura Haddock). Unfortunately, since Florence is led under Medicis’ orders whose Highness is Lorenzo de’ Medici (Elliot Cowan), it turns out that Lucrezia is Lorenzo’s mistress. In order to be able to meet Lucrezia as often as possible, Leo tries to be an engineer building a weapon for Lorenzo and Florence as well. Besides, he also serves himself to be the one painting Lucrezia’s portrait. Surprisingly, Lucrezia also works for Riario. Thou at first she was actually just a spy who’s ordered to steal information from Leonardo, Medicis, and all the things inside Florence, yet as the time goes by, Lucrezia realizes how much her love towards Leo has grown bigger and then later she chose Leo’s side.

Da Vinci DemonsSuch a remarkable, intricate series written, directed, and also produced by the same person, David S. Goyer. David combines all the fictions and non-fictions about Leonardo Da Vinci’s characters into one impeccable fictional story. This series IS really recommended cause for people who are such a thinker, this series does indeed requires high-intelligence mind to digest all those brilliant stories inside of it. Yes, it’s quite more intricate than Sherlock. When you watch this series, I’d wager that your mind will be thrilled and challenged at the same time to think more and more, to be surprised, and to be always curious.

I always love US series cause their scripts tend to be unusually captivating. And this one is one of those captivating series which the script is in the advanced level. Well, I mean, David using unusual dictions in the dialogues does not bore people who watch it or hear the talks. David mostly puts ancient British. Some kind like Shakespeare’s language. Nevertheless, too bad that Season 02 the script writer and the director are changed, and I’m aware that it’s become as not awesome as the first season.

Overall, One more sure thing that you’re gonna love this one is every time you watch and see how Leonardo’s mind works only by his imagination and glancing at something, you’ll be amazed. He’s magnificently genius!

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