2 BROKE GIRLS: Because Misery Loves Company (?) (2011-Present/TV Series/US)

2 Broke GirlsPeople say that sarcasm is one of the art of intelligence. I’d say, sarcasm is the best defense of life. This US comedy series is quite witty and sarcastic at the same way. Very entertaining.

The story, as the title says, tells about Caroline Channing (Beth Bers) and Max Black (Kat Dennings) who both are broke and poor in a witty kind of their way. Caroline met Max when her father became broke and went to prison due to some company-problem. They made friends because Caroline insisted on Max to help her. Then, because of no choice left, Max helps Caroline and they live together in a small cozy apartment. Max also helps Caroline to get a job right at the place where she works too, at the retro-hip Williamsburg Diner.

As they live and work together, Caroline then finds out (in her psychic-smart-ass kind of way) that Max’s baking-cupcake skill will be very good to have such a business opportunity in the future. Yet, they first need a big amount of money to start the business.

2 Broke GirlsEvery episode of this series has different and fresh story along with its witty witticism. Caroline as a former filthy-rich woman, somehow gets used to making some silly actions that eventually just make their lives even more miserable (I’d wager you gonna laugh a lot due to their foolishness). While watching this series, you can also learn many ways to throw sarcasms as either your defense or jokes to people. Besides, you might also wanna learn how to build a business as how Caroline and Max are so eager to do so (yet they also always fail, in a very silly way. Anyhoo, you still can copy some of their good ways, right?). Watch it once, and you’ll get addicted. Well, unless your intelligence is beyond sarcastic people.

By the way, the one becomes Max Black (Kat Dennings) is also the one who becomes Darcy in Thor. Even in Thor she got the part as such a sarcastic and witty one.

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