BLACK BOX: Brain-Control or Self-Control? (2014-Present/TV Series/US)

Black BoxHow do you tell when someone who has bipolar, or mania and dementia problem can survive? Does brain-control play more crucial than self-control or is it just both of them tackling down the wild-bad-side of that person (at the same time)?

Various brain problems, along with some psychological issues, are boxed in this US Series delivered in such a (bit) melodrama-brilliant story. Dr. Catherine Black (Kelly Reilly), who’s bipolar, has to deal with some complexities in her life. She was once pregnant and yet left by her boyfie, then at last gave her child (when she was still a baby) to her brother and her brother’s wife as well. Catherine’s daughter, Esme (Siobhan Williams) has only known Catherine as her aunt whom she adores so much. Catherine cannot raise Esme by herself simply because she doesn’t want to give the same bad family-experience-and-life to Esme as what she ever had, because her mother was also bipolar and her childhood was horrible. Furthermore, no one knows that Catherine is bipolar, except her psychiatrist

She routinely goes for the treatment and drinks the meds. Yet, once she was off meds and she could have musical hallucination (dancing like a total nun) and did a very terrible thing like being very hyper-sexual and then having sex with a complete stranger. Bingo, too bad, she was once off meds and did those symptoms, even had sex with a driver whereas, she’d been proposed by her boyfie, Will (David Ajala). Even after all she did, and she finally told Will the truth about everything, Will still wants to marry her. She was surprised and moved. But, the thing is, Catherine hasn’t been sure yet if she really wants that sacred commitment. Aside from Dr. Black’s personal life, she also has to deal with her secret, being a brilliant and beautiful and (yet) bipolar neurosurgeon.

Black BoxSpeaking of neurosurgeon, this series kinda reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Shepperd, the hottie. LOL (that’s been too obsolete series, eh?). Kay, back to Black Box, this series, I’d say “fine” ‘cause I enjoy how the drama is mixed with medical knowledge and science as well. It tells details about what Capgrass Syndrome is, what people with LBD (Lesbian Bed Death) can do (in a kid of bad way), and then what RPTC is and how to do the test ;)) and sooo many on and so forth. For people who like melodrama but still combined with some heavy knowledge, I think this one would serve you fine.

One more, series-maniac, If you’re wondering “why Black Box?” or “Isn’t it the name of something to record some sequential tragedy in a plane?”, well, then the answers are: first thing first, no, it is not that such a recorder in a plane; secondly, I suppose you better watch this series and pay attention to the dialogue cause in either eps 1 or eps 2 there’s a brief and clear explanation about what “Black Box” means here. Have a nice brain-gasm watching this series, guys!

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