ZerosumoAt first, Zerosumo was only a personal blog in which I used to write about my personal life, problems, some were about lifestyles, and mostly still about movies/films. Nevertheless, as the time goes by, I tend to write more about the movies that I’ve watched in this blog. And then, BOOM! Here it goes Zerosumo, a blog specifying the movie reviews, tv-series reviews and till other interesting entertainment shows that happened in this world.

Besides, firstly, I was still the only writer here. It was about more or less 5 years that I’d been tenaciously writing about movie reviews in this modest blog till it finally changed into Zerosumo. Now, there have been some of my lovely partners who also fond of writing about movies/films, tv-series or even some internet gossips.

So, if you guys are so keen on and/or just not on purpose reading this blog and you’d like to also contribute as part of Zerosumo-life, instead of only giving comments, then feel free to ask. The most important thing is there’s no any limit or specification for what kinds of movies/films reviewed here, ‘cause movies unite us, right?

Hopefully, this short background of this blog can a ‘lil bit enlighten all of you that this blog is not a mere-absurd blog, ‘cause… We write good things here, and they’re worth to read! I’d wager that. So, keep watching and happy browsing (and of course, keep reading this blog). ENJOY!

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Holla bro, aku ganti nama blog dari wrtzkwood.wordpress.com ke kultflick.wordpress.com biar gampang, tolong update juga url di punyamu ya 😀 thanks.


  2. Selamat Pagi Zerosumo,

    Saya Christie panitia dari Festival Film Eropa (EOS 2015) kami ingin menanyakan alamat email anda untuk perihal event kami ini 🙂 Mohon kabarnya ke email kami. Terima kasih banyak.


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